As CBC president Jennifer Lahl and CBC consultant Kathleen Sloan (who serves on the national board of directors of NOW) continue their ground-breaking work in the area of third-party reproductive technology, we are happy to announce that Eggsploitation will be screened at the annual NOW conference in July in Chicago. Lahl and Sloan have been referred to as a Dream Team as they travel across the country, conducting film screenings, leading discussions, and testifying before legislators in several states.

They will be in Washington D.C. on June 20, side-by-side, testifying against a commercial surrogacy bill. Most recently they co-authored letters to legislators and have been discussed in news articles, including in the Washington Post, opposing a gestational surrogacy bill in Louisiana. They have also co-authored a letter speaking out against a bill in California, which is an industry authored, payment for eggs for research scheme.

The two first met when Jennifer was screening Eggsploitation at Harvard Law School in 2010. Women in the audience attacked Jennifer, and Kathy stood up and said, “I’m with the National Organization for Women and I support this film!” Needless to say, from that point on the two have forged a friendship and collegial relationship showing the film on university campuses and even a NOW sponsored screening on Capitol Hill.

What is unique about their common cause effort is their ability to move forward without letting their differing views on abortion stop them from working together. It has been refreshing to find so many students on university campuses happy to work together on common cause with student groups they otherwise would not come in contact with.

And quite significantly, to find legislators surprised and pleased to have bi-partisan bills on which they can work across the aisle.

Eggsploitation, winner of the Best Documentary award at the 2011 California Independent Film Festival, has been the catalyst for these successful partnerships and efforts.

We are thrilled that the film will now be shown before hundreds of women’s rights activists this summer in Chicago who will become aware of and educated about the risks to young women who are targeted for their eggs, either for infertile couples, menopausal women, same-sex couples, and now, for scientific research.

If you already own a copy of Eggsploitation, great! Consider buying another one as a gift to a young woman who may be headed off to college this fall. She will surely find herself confronted with ads to sell her eggs. As the film warns, if you’re thinking of selling your eggs, think again!

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