The last six weeks have been packed with both new opportunities and challenges. You are helping to sustain me. Each team member of CBC sees that doors are opening in ways that were almost unthinkable even a year ago. Challenging cultural thought can be full of surprises. Be encouraged with us!

Here is a sampling of what has been going on:

  • The Stanford University showing of Eggsploitation on May 1 went really well. Often university settings like this can be openly hostile, but this showing and presentation exceeded my expectations. Judy Norsigian, author of Our Bodies Ourselves, joined me for this lively event. Regardless of our differing perspectives on many issues, we were in total agreement and spoke with one voice on this issue. We set the stage for an engaging Q & A at the end of the showing and presentation time. The room was packed with 75 very engaged students and faculty. Presenting truth makes a difference.

  • I had some exceptionally good meetings in April in both Washington, DC and New York City. These key appointments are opening new networks and opportunities. I am amazed in how one appointment often leads to totally unexpected open doors for honest dialogue. Taking the initiative to find common ground is critical.

  • Kathleen Sloan, my colleague from NOW, and I have co-authored an opinion piece which has been submitted to a publication for their consideration. We talk about the “War on Women” as it relates to reproductive technologies. We address the war on egg donors, war on poor women as surrogates, and war on unborn baby girls when people “prefer” boys rather than girls. We have become good friends over common concerns. When we join forces on things like this, it causes many to seriously consider serious implications. I will keep you informed. Defining reality is never easy.

  • I am a regular blogger for a new site called My recent piece, “It’s Menopause—Not Infertility,” is making a big splash with women commenting from as far away as Japan. Speaking truth in new places has unexpected outcomes.

  • The spring edition of the journal Human Life Review includes an article I wrote entitled “Thank God Hippocrates was Pagan.” This is part of a symposium series where various authors are invited to discuss how to defend the sanctity of life in the public square. I build my position from a page out of the Hippocratic Oath (which is actually a pagan document that has served the medical profession for thousands of years): first, do no harm. Being willing to raise the bar is not always popular.

  • We have just completed hand selecting our first nine Paul Ramsey Fellows. They include bright and engaging students from Harvard, the University of Virginia School of Law, the University of Chicago, Stanford, The Graduate Theological Union, Fuller Seminary, Fordham, and Talbot. The first gathering of these exceptional students will be in August when all the students and Scholars will begin a journey together. The Paul Ramsey Scholars leading the Institute and serving as mentors include Dr. Gilbert Meilaender, Dr. William Hurlbut, Dr. Todd Daly, and Wesley J. Smith, J.D. Prior to the first gathering, each Paul Ramsey Fellow will be required to read Paul Ramsey’s The Patient As Person. Imagine the impact we will realize as young scholars are mentored and guided by some of the leading bioethics scholars! Raising up young thinkers to challenge the culture is vital to our future.

  • In June, I will be in Washington, DC again for a special showing of Anonymous Father’s Day. We plan to use this coming Father’s Day celebration to draw attention to the many thousands of children who have no clue who their father is.

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