We’ve just received some great news. Our films Maggie’s Story and Eggsploitation are BOTH Official Selections of the Silicon Valley International Film Festival. The festival will be held in December, and we are very excited to be able to participate.

Thank you — we could not have made and distributed these important films without your help and support, without you, our friends, standing by us and backing us. And now even more people will get to see these films and hear their messages on the health, safety, and other issues that arise with egg “donation.”

Again, thank YOU!!!

PS – Maggie’s Story and Eggsploitation are both available to view online through Amazon (Maggie’s Story is free with Amazon Prime). If you haven’t seen these films yet, take a look and see why they were selected for this festival.

Click here to watch Maggie’s Story on Amazon

Click here to watch Eggsploitation on Amazon