By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC

The Dutch are so proud of their culture of death euthanasia practice, and sooo sensitive about it when people from outside the country tell the truth about how it works there in real life. Witness the angry letters I have received privately and posted here when I pointed out that the substance of Rick Santorum’s criticism of the Netherlands was right, even if he got some details wrong.

Well, I was just sent a government propaganda pamphlet defending the Netherlands’ euthanasia — that completely omits the regular practice of ”termination without request and consent” that goes on there on a regular basis and really soft soaps the after-birth abortions infanticides. But this question and answer had me hooting in derisive laughter. From the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs FAQ Euthanasia 2010:

Question 15: Can people come from other countries to seek euthanasia in the Netherlands?

Answer: This is impossible, given the need for a close doctor-patient relationship. The legal procedure for the notification and assessment of each individual case of euthanasia requires the patient to have made a voluntary, well-considered request and to be suffering unbearably without any prospect of improvement. In order to be able to assess whether this is indeed the case, the doctor must know the patient well. This implies that the doctor has treated the patient for some time (see question 3). Granting a request for euthanasia places a considerable emotional burden on the doctor. Doctors do not approach the matter lightly. From this point of view too, longstanding personal contact between the doctor and the patient plays an important role.

Need for a “close doctor-patient relationship?” Are they kidding?! They just set up mobile euthanasia clinics to kill patients whose own long-time physicians won’t!!! But, I assume this is “impossible” too. Good grief.

Also note in Question 16 that 16-year-olds can receive euthanasia without the permission of parents. Euthanasia has taken the Netherlands off a vertical moral cliff. Stop making excuses, Netherlanders: Own it!