We’re working on a new film telling the story of Kelly’s surrogacies. We need to go to South Dakota to film at her home.


Kelly Martinez is a strong, articulate woman with a cautionary story to tell. It is a story the world needs to hear.

Kelly served as a surrogate mother for three different couples, and reached out to us when she was threatened with financial ruin following her last surrogacy. It turns out that each of her surrogacy journeys was fraught in its own way.

Each journey had a price to pay.

Kelly’s story exemplifies everything that is wrong with surrogacy.

Kelly has spoken in New York at our “Trading on the Female Body” gathering, at the United Nations as part of the 61st Commission on the Status of Women, and even in Madrid, Spain, to numerous media outlets, to a large crowd attending a film screening, and to many, many members of the Spanish Parliament.

We want for even more people to hear her story, so we are making a feature-length documentary on her.

We need to go to her home in South Dakota to finish filming her, then we need to script, edit, and release the film.

Take a look at the rewards or give simply because this is for a good cause. Please help us tell the world Kelly’s story.

Thank you!