Dear Friend,

This week we begin our fourth year of our Paul Ramsey Institute as we welcome the second cohort of Ramsey Fellows to San Francisco for our Fall gathering. We’re pleased to announce that our new cohort includes students from the University of Chicago, Cornell Medical School, Claremont University, and New York University, to name only a few of the highly regarded institutions represented in this group.

The Paul Ramsey Institute is a vital part of our education programming at the CBC. Here we train and produce future leaders—physicians, scientists, scholars, policymakers, and advocates—who will promote and advance ethical biotechnology and bioethical research within their respective fields. In all of this we hope to uphold and further the legacy of our namesake, Paul Ramsey—one of the greatest bioethicists of the twentieth century, who anticipated many of the moral challenges we now face in the realms of science and medicine, and who pioneered a thorough ethical analysis of these challenges.

We know our alumni are already making significant contributions. In just a few short years our alumni have been granted tenure track academic positions, one has received a Rhodes Scholarship, and many are writing and publishing for esteemed publications. They serve as a voice for morally grounded bioethics and ensure that both the academy and the public square are changing the conversation to help build a future that promotes and protects human dignity.

I invite you to read more about our alumni and our new fellows. Our distinguished Ramsey Scholars include Dr. Gilbert Meilaender (who studied with Ramsey) and Dr. William Hurlbut—two of the most well regarded figures in this work.

To learn more about our program, please visit our website here. And spread the word that the Center for Bioethics and Culture is building the premier bioethics institute in the country.

Thank you,

Christopher White
Paul Ramsey Institute

Director of Research and Education
The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network