runs a lengthy, very frank, first-person account of a young woman considering selling her eggs. From “Selling my Eggs to Make Rent”:

Egg donation, as an option, can be seen at once demeaning and empowering: A job that no one else but a woman can have — or rather, a racially pre-selected, usually white, struggling, middle-class, educated woman — can have. For the infertile, the homosexual, the single, and the well-to-do, egg donation is another of the joyous luxuries of modern science. But then there are the women who act as that market’s laborers and nameless vessels; those who are themselves farmed — the anonymous sows, cows, or bitches pumped with hormones and praised for their pedigree and exaggerated numbers of follicles.

It is an interesting and well-written account that seeks to wrestle with multiple aspects of the decision to sell one’s eggs (or not).