On October 1, 2012, Alana S. Newman, founder of the Anonymous Us Project, passed out the flyer below (continue scroll down to read the reproduced text) at the entrance to a charity fundraising event in New York City to raise money for gay men to have babies via reproductive technology and surrogacy. Read an interview with Alana about it here.

Hi, my name is Alana.

I was conceived using an anonymous sperm donor. Not having my father in my life has been extremely painful. I miss him every time I look in the mirror and think of him every day. It is especially painful that this absence was deliberate and money was involved. If you are thinking about using a donor to conceive a child, please reconsider — or at the very least, please welcome this person into your life as an important member of your child’s family and avoid anonymous donors at all costs.

And for those of you consider using a surrogate . . . Please know that women still die from giving birth. Six months ago I went into labor with my daughter; unexpectedly, we had to undergo an emergency c-section. I was nearly dead on the operating table. I spent the next 6 weeks in excruciating pain from recovery. Child bearing is still risky and life-threatening.

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