By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President

I recently wrote about women who wait later into life to conceive and find they struggle with what they call “infertility.” In fact, there is no infertility as a result of aging; rather it is the biological reality of menopause. Menopause is a natural and normal event that occurs in a woman’s life. It is not a disease that needs to be treated as most Western medicine does. Fertility is a natural organic treasure—one that is temporary and unique for each woman. It can be understood, protected, and cared for, just as we try to do for all other aspects of our health and well-being.

The human body is an amazing organism and human reproduction is a finely tuned orchestration of events. Women would do well to learn more about human reproduction and the sensitive system of fertility so that we can protect and preserve and utilize our fertility and do everything possible to prevent true infertility. We cannot stop the aging of our bodies and the naturally occurring menopause. But there is still much we can do to understand and care for the reproductive season of our “fertility” and be sure we can bear children.

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