By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President

Last December I was invited to tape a show for Dr. Oz, which aired in January of 2012. It is hard to explain what it’s like to tape a show in front of a live audience. There are all the pragmatic realities—such as the very early wake-up call for hair and make-up, show prep, hours of waiting and the sobering fact that you cannot fully control your message.

You hope and pray you get a fair hearing and an opportunity to express your views. Just as important, you want your best points to survive the editing process, which will make or break the impact of your performance. When the show finally aired I was quite pleased! Dr. Oz was definitely fair as a host, and as a medical doctor, he and I actually agreed on the biological reality that delaying childbirth too long can have real, serious and potentially life-threatening risks.

So much is being discussed these days in the arena of bioethics that I thought I would add yet another cultural trend I find particularly disturbing, babies without sex.

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