Dear Friend,

          “I don’t want others to experience what I went through. It felt like I was fighting a cancer that no one knew about and I felt so ALONE in this world.”

          “You can possibly die from this and it’s not a joke, or worth $5K or any amount of money. Losing your life would end your chances of making that money period. I was a victim and will stand and speak about it. They are out preying on ones like me.”

          This is just a small part of an interview I had with a young girl I’ll call Linda just a few short weeks ago.

I’ve recently conducted interviews with young women about their egg donation experiences, which you can read on the Eggsploitation web site.

          Regrettably, her story is not unique. Over and over again, young women are coming forward who share this same pain. Desperate for money to pay the bills, they sacrifice their own health—physically, psychologically and spiritually— to supply eggs to the fertility industry.

          And that’s why your help is needed. It is critical to get the word out and alert vulnerable women of this danger. Especially in this economy, many sacrifice themselves to provide for their family, to keep their house from foreclosure, to pay off loans—and then to find themselves facing a near death experience or even worse.

          That is why I share this with you. The demand for the film Eggsploitation, which won the 2011 California Independent Film Festival award as best documentary, is extraordinary.

          Just two weeks ago, I was speaking and showing the film at Yale University and Boston College. The award has opened doors of sharing I never thought possible.

          Yet, to be blunt, we lack the money to make it happen—to cover the cost of renting on-campus venues, travel, and more. CBC’s total budget last year was just under $170,000—that is all. So to be able to take full advantage of this unique window to show the film, your gift of any size will make a difference.

          Saving just one woman’s life makes it all worthwhile and your gift could make that happen.

          Just press the button below to make that difference.

          And thank you for your desire to stand for human dignity.

                                             Working together for a Human Future,

                                             Jennifer Lahl