. . . Not So Secret Anymore

We continue to be encouraged by the interest Eggsploitation is generating and the feedback it’s receiving. It is an Official Selection of the 2011 California Independent Film Festival and has been nominated for Best Documentary in their Slate Awards.

Rebecca Hagelin penned an op-ed in The Washington Times calling on her readers to “Watch Ms. Lahl‘s movie and share it with others.” We agree.

More recently, Mary Rice Hasson, after viewing Eggsploitation, dove into research on egg donation and IVF. What she discovered led her to write a provocative article for our friends at Mercatornet.com, making the case that when it comes to egg donation, “A pretense of altruism cloaks the mercenary and exploitative reality of this aspect of IVF.” Yes.

Perhaps most important, the film has been getting attention from those who disagree with us.

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