Center for Bioethics and Culture NewsletterDear friends,

We know the work we do at the CBC is important and necessary and effective. Just look at what we’ve accomplished this past year! We have confidence in you, our readers and supporters, that you would agree. And we trust in your continued support of our mission and vision, to advance ethical biotechnology for our shared common good.

We can send 2 student groups a free copy of “Lines That Divide“.

Our website hosting is covered for the month.

We can send a speaker to address a group like the National Press Club.

You can host a table at our 2010 Paul Ramsey Award Dinner.

You can pay for our e-newsletters for the year.

You can co-sponsor the annual Paul Ramsey Award Dinner.

We can host an important conference on “Designing Children”.

Thank you for your end-of-year gift which helps us begin a new year strong!

With gratitude,
Jennifer Lahl
CBC National Director