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Today I have the pleasure of having Stephanie Winn back on the show! If you missed our first discussion, I would encourage you to go back and have a listen. The first time we spoke with Stephanie, we talked about how she became critical of the gender identity industry. Today we will be discussing the new film that Stephanie appeared in titled Affirmation Generation and our latest film, The Detransition Diaries.

For those of you that haven’t heard, allow me to introduce Stephanie again. Stephanie is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, writer, consultant, and host of the podcast You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist. In Oregon, Stephanie has a small, online private practice called “Real Talk Therapy PDX,” offering Therapy Without Ideology. Both in her clinical work and in her writing, speaking, and consulting, Stephanie has increasingly taken an interest in the unique mental health needs of victims of gender medicine.

You can find her podcast, You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist, blog, shop, and consulting services at www.sometherapist.com, and her counseling practice at www.realtalktherapypdx.com. You can follow Stephanie on Twitter at both @sometherapist and @some_therapist, since Twitter has a way of silencing heretics. She is on Instagram as @sometherapist