We’re kicking off the new year with an exciting new episode of Venus Rising!

Join us as we sit down with Gail Pascoe, an Australian woman who has spent the last six years researching the cash-driven sperm donation industry and the many ways it is failing donor-conceived children. 

Gail’s interest in the subject began when she made what she considers the appalling discovery that her own daughter, conceived with the help of a US based sperm donor, has over 100 siblings. Since that time, Gail has worked tirelessly to shed light on the bioethical issues too many ignore in third party reproductive efforts, especially as they relate to the needs of the children born of these arrangements. Her quest to help others avoid similar pitfalls and achieve healthier outcomes for children has  led her to write a detailed end-to-end guide book, which is in the final stages of completion. 

We are grateful for Gail’s insight and front row perspective on a sensitive issue that affects thousands of people. You can follow her work on her website, on Facebook, or Instagram.

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