In today’s culture of echo chambers and censorship, at the CBC, we remain fiercely committed to civil discourse as one of the precious few avenues to true and lasting change. It is in that spirit that we bring you this week’s episode of Venus Rising.

Today, Kallie sits down with Valerie Landis, a fertility representative whose three time personal experience with egg freezing has fueled her passion for educating others about fertility preservation and family planning. Valerie speaks openly about her own experience. She created the educational website and runs the Eggology podcast.  She showcasesher experience in the upcoming video docu-series film called, THIS IS EGG FREEZING.

Though we disagree pretty thoroughly with Valerie on matters like the health risks of egg freezing and the human rights implications for both women and children as they relate to surrogacy and third party reproduction as a whole, we are grateful for her willingness to share her perspective with us in our mutual attempt to bring much needed education in matters too often ignored by the general public.

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