This episode is for all of our film buffs out there! Today Jennifer interviews Barry Stevens, a Toronto documentary filmmaker and screenwriter. Barry won a drama Gemini award for The Diary of Evelyn Lau starring Sandra Oh in her first role, then switched to non-fiction, as a writer on the International Emmy-winning documentary, Gerrie and Louise

One of our favorite of Barry’s films, Offspringis a detective story where Barry searches for his sperm donor. It was viewed in 61 countries, won a number of awards, and was nominated for an Emmy! For five years, he directed the acclaimed and CSA-winning series for History TV, War Story. His most recent film is The World’s Biggest Family, a movie addressing the problems with anonymous sperm donation.

Barry is active in the donor-conceived communities, hoping to change laws regarding anonymity. Our paths first collided when Jennifer interviewed him for her film Anonymous Father’s Day. Today, Venus Rising sits down with Barry for another, more personal, intellectual and enlightening conversation around his films, sperm donation, and the donor conceived family. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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