On Venus Rising, we talk a lot about surrogacy, but we haven’t brought you a real, honest interview with a woman who’s currently living the life of a surrogate. All of that changes today.

‘Lynn,’ whose name has been changed to protect her identity, sits down with Jennifer for an authentic discussion about her ongoing experience as a commercial gestational surrogate. What started as a desire to help others has morphed into an experience that has risked her health and left her with worry.

We share her story because we know the risks, we know the dangers, and we know that many more Lynns exist. We want to give them all a voice and an opportunity to share their stories.

UPDATE: Since recording this episode, Lynn has had an anatomy scan which showed the baby is on track at 20 weeks. When she is 35 weeks into the pregnancy, she will move five hours away from home to deliver in a larger and better equipped hospital.

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