Do you think that babies should be on sale as commodities in the UK? Should a disadvantaged woman be paid to be a ‘breeder’ for people much richer than she is? Should those richer people become the legal parents of that child the moment it’s born? Do you understand the impact of this on the rights of all women – that it will end the ancient legal assumption that the birth mother is always the legal parent of the child? Do you think Facebook and Google should be allowed to present adverts to hard-up female students suggesting that becoming a ‘surrogate’ would provide the solution to their financial worries?


Then please join Nordic Model Now!, a small, grassroots women’s group in the UK and StopSurrogacyNow signatory, by speaking out against opening up surrogacy by taking just 10 minutes to respond to the Law Commission’s consultation.

Otherwise all these things and more are likely to come to the UK very soon. Nordic Model Now! has set out everything you need to know here, including tips on navigating the document, template responses if you wish to use them, and key points to consider if you want to submit a personalized response.

The deadline for responding to the consultation is October 11, 2019. Submit your response today and help us #StopSurrogacyNow worldwide!