Julie Bindel—an original signer of the Stop Surrogacy Now statement who is a journalist, author, and human rights campaigner—has recently been interviewed on surrogacy by radio programs in Australia and the United States.

In Australia, The Wire, an independent current affairs program that is broadcast daily, was motivated by Cambodia’s ban on surrogacy to explore the issue further. The program interviewed both Julie Bindel and Paula Gerber, a Professor of Human Rights Law at Monash University. Their perspectives on surrogacy are very different, to say the least.

You can hear the interview via TheWire.org.au.

In the United States, Julie had a lively discussion of surrogacy on San Francisco’s Michelle Meow show. The conversation ranges from the normalization and commercialization of surrogacy, the true realities of what surrogacy looks like in practice, the overwhelming pursuit of profit that underlies the industry side of surrogacy, and more. It is a very important and informative conversation, and well worth your time. Have a listen!