Dear Adele,

I’m a huge fan. You have talent that is unbelievable, and you seem lovely, kind, funny, and very witty. I loved you in Carpool Karaoke, and you were brilliant when you auditioned as an Adele impersonator.

But hello, can you hear me? You have such a big following, and when you offered to serve as the surrogate for a newly engaged couple at your concert in Denmark, I was troubled.

Sure, you were caught up in the moment when you called some adoring fans on stage, especially when one got down on his knee and asked his boyfriend to marry him. But seriously, this shows how little most people know about what surrogacy really entails and about what in the end amounts to a serious lack of regard for children who are born through surrogacy.

While we feel all warm and fuzzy about helping others, casting surrogacy in this light is rather dangerous. Countless women and children have been harmed. Serious health risks have been taken, and the collateral damage is still taking its toll.

As a celebrity with the power of influence, please, please get the facts first. People are watching you, listening to you, and taking your lead. Please, use your megaphone to speak for women and children.

With my admiration,

Jennifer Lahl
The Center for Bioethics and Culture