Event Information
May 1 @ 4:15pm

Bechtel International Center Assembly Room
584 Capistrano Way
Stanford, CA 94305

The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University is presenting a screening and panel discussion of the documentary film, Eggsploitation, which blows the whistle on the deceptive practices of the infertility industry to exploit young women for their eggs. Profiling the harrowing testimonies of three egg donors, Eggsploitation reveals the shocking truths, hidden dangers and severe health risks associated with egg donation. The infertility industry today is a booming, multi-billion-dollar-per-year business; yet no regulation exists to protect vulnerable women from coercive marketing ploys and large monetary incentives to get their eggs.

This event comes at a crucial time. Stanford’s student newspaper, The Stanford Daily, recently carried a full-page ad seeking a “Genius Egg Donor,” and offering “excellent compensation.” (Click on the image to the right to read the full text of the advertisement.) Unfortunately, such ads are common on college campuses, particularly at elite institutions such as Stanford.

This event is free and open to all.


Jennifer Lahl, President, The Center for Bioethics and Culture
Jennifer Lahl made her writing and directing debut, producing the documentary film, Eggsploitation, which has been awarded 2011 Best Documentary by the California Independent Film Festival. It has sold in over 20 countries. She is the founder and president of The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network.

Judy Norsigian, Executive Director, Our Bodies Ourselves
A co-founder of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (BWHBC) and co-author of all editions of Our Bodies, Ourselves, Judy is a graduate of Radcliffe College and an internationally renowned speaker and writer on a wide range of women’s health concerns. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including Oprah, Donahue, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.