“Thank you for all of your effort. Your lectures are excellent!” RS lecture series attender

“Your speakers are very captivating! Thank you so much for making this information available.” JD conference attender

“Please subscribe my daughter in college to your list” PS CBC member

“Wesley Smith’s editorial (last week’s CRUX) on Kass is superb. This needs to be circulated widely.” WC M.D.

“I didn’t realize how far reaching the problems in bioethics were!” JP San Francisco

“I want to thank the CBC and staff for their initiative and work on educating us on these various topics.”EN Oakland

“I like CBC so much because of all the knowledge I’ve gained about topics like cloning, stem cell research, genetic manipulation, etc.; all topics that I had felt very ignorant of before attending some of CBC’s wonderful seminars. CBC does a good job of putting these complex issues into language the common person can understand. I like the way CBC “equips the saints” by giving a biblical perspective on all the Sanctity of Life issues.” AW in St. Louis

“A very thought-provoking and informative presentation which resulted in excellent response papers by my students.” Faculty member after attending a CBC lecture

“Just reading these bibliographies from the CBC is frightening. I had no idea some of this was happening. We have to get the word out to the church.” Foundation Director

“I am very grateful for the work that the CBC is doing. These issues in bioethics, while front-page and compelling, can also seem abstract and distant, and so I am pleased that the people in the CBC are doing their best to communicate these matters clearly, both to the churches and in the secular arena.” KP Berkeley CA

“The CBC is dealing with tomorrow’s issues today and helping prepare the church to protect our common human dignity.” Sr. Pastor

“We believe people are not informed enough to know what is going on and it is going to overcome us just like the abortion issue did-we don’t feel we can do the job you do, and it needs to be done, so we give in order to enable this work to go forward.” JW R.N. and TW M.D. St. Louis MO

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