Dear friends of the CBC,

“I don’t understand how anyone could read a surrogate contract and look me in the eye with a straight face and say, ‘Oh no, this baby is not being bought and sold.’ [T]his woman is enslaved contractually for nine months.  She is told if she can travel, how far she can travel, what she can eat, what she can’t eat…it is just everything you can imagine… [the contract] depends on the whims and wishes of the purchasing parents.” – Jennifer Lahl 

With all of the cultural issues around us, the CBC has always remained true to its mission. We continue to inform the public on complicated bioethical issues like surrogacy, egg donation, human dignity, and biomedical technology, all while making these issues approachable, understandable, and with a heart for the humans behind our stories.  

It is the same with our most recent film, The Detransition Diaries – Saving our Sisters. Countless individuals have reached out to thank the CBC for our advocacy, sincerity, and have commented on the necessity of the film. Your generosity in partnering with the CBC is crucial to this work and to continuing this public engagement. We are so grateful. 

We will shortly be pushing our new film out for free on YouTube because these stories need to be out to the public on a greater level.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to make our goal to cover the production costs. We are still looking for $55,000 to satisfy this fundraising goal. Please consider contributing to this campaign and visit our donation page to help us reach this important goal!  

The work at the CBC never stops. Whether it is growing the audience for our podcast, Venus Rising, attending conferences and interviews to educate and inform the public, or preparing for our next event, we are indebted to those that are supporting and cheering on our work.   

As noted in our last letter, make sure to SAVE THE DATE at the NEW LOCATION for our annual Ramsey Dinner so that you can join us to hear from the wonderful Dr. James Lindsay. 

September 24, 2023
The Bridges Golf Club
9000 S. Gale Ridge Road
San Ramon, CA 94582 

We look forward to partnering with you in 2023 to bring a message of hope and serious scholarship to the bioethical field.  If you ever want to connect with our work on a deeper level or discuss hosting an event with the CBC in your area, please feel free to reach out anytime.

P.S. Please do not forget to visit our donation page and find a monthly support level so we can continue to bring this essential information to the public.  Even $10 a month allows us to promote our mission around the world!


Jennifer Lahl, President

Kallie Fell, Executive Director

Kirstin Wallace, Director of Development