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An Abundance of Opportunities

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President

With Thanksgiving just passed, and Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, we here at the CBC Network are taking stock and counting the many reasons we’re especially thankful this year. We have an internal cheer that this is a ‘year of abundance’ for us, and we’re grateful for the many, many opportunities we have to promote human dignity and protect the least of these.

I imagine for you this also is a time of reflection, to stop and be mindful of all that we have in abundance—friends, family, health, jobs, and so much more! While you’re busy counting your blessings, please know that the CBC team is thankful for your partnership with us and for your help in the momentous successes over this past year… [Continue Reading]

Five Reasons to Support the CBC this Holiday Season

by Christopher White, CBC Director of Research and Education

The holidays provide a rare occasion for much of the world to stop, ponder, and awe at the gift of human life and the joy of the family. Indeed, it is the very reason for much of the good cheer of the season.

We here at the CBC are grateful that you’re a part of our extended family and that you continue to partner with us to promote and protect human life at all stages. As we’ve recently highlighted, 2014 has given us many reasons to be grateful. As we bring this year to a close and prepare for the year ahead, I’d like to offer my top 5 reasons to continue to support our work this holiday season… [Continue Reading]

CBC Winners and Losers 2014

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President[

Each year at this time we look back over the past twelve months with an eye toward identifying those whose lives and work actively promoted and affirmed a truly human future, and those who did not.


At the top of our list is our hero K… [Continue Reading]