A few weeks ago we published a list of the most popular articles on the CBC website. Below is a list of the most popular blog posts. They address a wide range of the issues we cover. We encourage you to spend some time revisiting these interesting posts, and be sure to visit our website often, as it is updated several times each week with new posts.

Savior Siblings Start Us Down Harrowing Ethical Path

A baby was born in France because his parents wanted to use his umbilical cord stem cells to treat the genetic disease of their existing children.

Transhumanisms Mission to Create Ubermenchen Children is Coercive

Reason magazine’s science writer, Ron Bailey, has long been in the thrall of transhumanism. He has swallowed the immortality project without even chewing and has baptized himself in the scientism neo-faith that The Singularity will usher in a new era of super post humans.

Child with Missing Cerebellum Shows Power of Human Spirit

Throughout bioethics, we have been told that anencephalic babies—that is, children without (generally different) parts of their brains (and parts of their skulls) are not “persons,” should be considered not human, should be considered as splendid sources for organ harvesting, etc.

Indian Girl Commits Suicide to Donate Organs to Family Members

The point of refusing organ donation from suicides would be to prevent society from giving suicidal people a perceived stake in doing themselves in.

Dutch Pat Themselves on the Back for Infanticide: We Have a Protocol

This is the Dutch in a nutshell: If it is “transparent,” then it is okay. That opens the door to a lot of wickedness. Take infanticide. Dutch doctors kill babies born with terminal and disabling conditions. But rather than being ashamed, some are apparently proud because it is done according to procedure.

The Problems with Hospice

A for-profit hospice is being sued for allowing one of its patients to have maggots in a wound without treatment. The excuse given is utterly unacceptable.

Aging is Not a Disease

The Lutheran theologian and bioethicist Gilbert Meilaender—who served on the President’s Council on Bioethics—has a long and provocative article out in the current First Things. Contrary to the transhumanists and immortalitists such as Aubrey de Gray, Meilaender says that aging is not a disease.

Coup de Culture: Octogenarian Cosmetic Breast Implants

The cosmetic surgery sector—as opposed to things like reconstructive procedures—wastes doctors, nurses, and medical equipment on frivolous surface issues—and makes the most money doing it. Imagine the benefit to society if these resources were folded back into real medicine helping people with real health issues.

Anti Disability and Pro Assisted Suicide Message of Doctor-Prescribed Death Media Report

A woman named Nancy Valko (not the pro life activist from Missouri) moved to Oregon in 2008 after she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, in part, so she could kill herself. She did so in 2009, and her family and a Vermont newspaper story, where she once lived, have turned her death into a promotion of assisted suicide.

No One Dies Alone

The media so often focus on doctor-prescribed death advocates and social outlaws like Kevorkian, that people who do really good, compassionate, and important work with people who are dying rarely receive their due.