Now ten years into the twenty-first century, fifty years after the birth of bioethics, the world faces unprecedented technological change. Staggering developments in biotechnology offer increasingly greater control over discomfort, disease, death—and over ourselves. You are familiar with these advances. You encounter them daily. In the paper, on the internet—it’s not just news from a faraway, brave new world. It happens in your nation. Your hometown. Maybe even your family.


The Edges of Life
Coaxing each other with utilitarian moral obligations, we destroy the embryo in the name of healing and coerce the elderly and infirm toward death in the name of compassion.

The Booming Infertility Industry
Preying on young women for their eggs, we seek genetically perfect children at any cost—sacrificing the dignity of our progeny as a response to infertility.

The Physician as Killer; the Patient as Pariah
Forgetting medicine’s Hippocratic roots, we have broken one of society’s most cherished covenants: between physician and patient.

The Clone and the Chimera
Blurring the definition of Homo sapiens, we conduct research on human lives, molding them according to our will—only to abolish our humanity.

The Excellent, or the Enhanced?
Despising our limits, we fashion emerging technologies of artificial intelligence, robotics, pharmacology and nanotech, to live “better” lives, beyond our humanity.

For all the promise of the biotech century, it portends a potentially dehumanizing future. This is your future. Our future. What will you do about it?

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  • $10,000 ensures Eggsploitation is shown on five university campuses this year.


The CBC has become one of the foremost protectors of young women, whose reproductive capacities are increasingly coveted as a natural resource in biotechnology and an increasingly aggressive IVF industry. With the mainstream media generally cheerleading these trends from the ignorant sidelines, the CBC has filled the resulting information void with a clarion warning about the potentially life- and health-threatening risks of egg extraction. In the years ahead, I know the CBC will continue to stand boldly for intrinsic human dignity and the protection of vulnerable patients everywhere.

— Wesley J. Smith, J.D.
Special Consultant to the CBC

Eggsploitation Update

Recently Eggsploitation was shown at Boston College Law School and at Yale Law School. Both events were well attended, and the post-showing discussions were spirited, with students engaging the film’s important message. To the right is a photo from the Yale showing. More photos are available on our facebook page.


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