The Paul Ramsey Award recognizes exemplary work in Christian Bioethics

Paul Ramsey was the Harrington Spear Paine Professor of Religion at Princeton University and is regarded my many as one of the most important ethicists of the twentieth century. From the publication of his classic, Basic Christian Ethics, in 1950 until his death in 1988, his pioneering writings decisively shaped moral discourse and reflection in the areas of theology, law, politics, and medicine. Considered a moral conservative, Dr. Ramsey wrote on topics as diverse as abortion ethics and just war theory. His thinking laid a foundation for Christian ethical discourse into this century. In naming Dr. Pellegrino as the recipient of the first annual Paul Ramsey award, the CBC recognizes the significance of Dr. Pellegrino’s contribution to the field of bioethics.

Join us in honouring Dr. Pellegrino on Saturday March 13, 2004 at the Olympic Club, Lakeside in San Francisco, CA. Speakers for this dinner include CBC Chairman, Nigel Cameron, CBC Special Consultant, Wesley Smith, and members of the Ramsey nominating committee, C. Ben Mitchell and William Hurlbut. Space is limited for this dinner. For those wanting more information contact *an appeal for financial support will be made*

Edmund D. Pellegrino, M.D. is the John Carroll Professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics at Georgetown University. He is a Master of the American College of Physicians, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Pellegrino is the former director of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Center for the Advanced Study of Ethics, and is the current director of the Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown.

He is the author of over 500 published items in medical science, philosophy, and ethics and is a member of numerous editorial boards. Dr. Pellegrino has written on subjects ranging from the history and philosophy of medicine to professional ethics and the patient-physician relationship.