“In 2023, Riley [Gaines] was invited to speak at San Francisco State University and was ambushed, physically and verbally assaulted by transgender activists, further proving her point that women need sex protected spaces.”

-Kallie Fell, CBC Executive Director

This year’s Annual Paul Ramsey Dinner is in the books and it was a tremendous event! Our dedicated audience saw our trailer for the Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood, heard a detailed look at the life and teaching of Paul Ramsey from our award winner, Dr. Jeffrey Bishop, M.D., Ph.D, and listened to the incomparable Riley Gaines as she advocated strongly for women, girls, and common sense. 

This is the CBC’s largest fundraiser of the year and we were able to raise just about one-third of our yearly budget. We are so pleased with the results and grateful for the generosity of those in attendance. 

For those not in attendance, we hope that you will help us get across the finish line in our efforts to keep the CBC fully funded for the year. Additionally, if you would like to hear the talks from Dr. Bishop and Riley Gaines, we will keep you updated in our newsletter as to when the full talks will be posted. We hope these talks will inspire you to become a monthly donor, make a gift of stock, or issue a grant from a Donor Advised Fund to help us promote our mission both locally and around the world!

The year is half over, but there is still plenty to do. 

  • The CBC will be a strong voice at the upcoming international Genspect conference in Lisbon, Portugal where we will have the opportunity to share our most recent film. 
  • Kallie will be attending various conferences and giving numerous interviews on the CBC’s work, our films, and The Detransition Diaries book by her and our founder, Jennifer Lahl.

To connect and discuss our ongoing work, or the possibility of hosting a local event with the CBC in your area, please feel free to reach out any time. None of this is possible without our supporters. Your gifts make our work possible. We need YOU!