Our end of the year push is in full swing as we try to fund all of the necessary elements of the CBCN. As we head to the close of 2023, we have some immediate needs to make sure the CBCN continues producing informative, educational, and approachable material that can change our culture for the better!

We cannot do this without your support. We at the CBCN are looking to YOU, our faithful supporters, to help us reach our goals for 2023 and meet the next challenges in the new year. And this is the perfect time to give to effect real and lasting change.

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Please consider the CBCN in your end-of-year giving. We are a tiny but mighty voice in our world.  The issue of bioethics is a worldwide concern, and from our small hub in California, the CBCN can and does make a real difference.  We are completely funded by the support of our generous donors and recognize that any gift, large or small, can be used to do great things.  

We here at the CBCN have always done a lot with little. Please join us as we tell the true stories of real people and provide relevant and important analysis of the progress of biomedical technology. Together we can positively affect culture and reorient ourselves to an optimistic view of our shared human future.