Gabrielle Clark is a mother and fierce advocate for children and parents, specifically advocating for free speech rights, sex-based rights and parental rights. When Gabrielle’s daughter was captured by the gender identity industry, being socially transitioned at school, she implemented a globally utilized program to affirm reality, eventually helping free her daughter from the clutches of the gender industry and social transition at her school. After seeing her daughter desist, Gabrielle began devoting her time and energy raising awareness about the harms of social transitioning and began fighting against “gender identity” indoctrination in education. It is her mission now to help others around the globe by offering personal guidance, powerful tools and helpful resources. Gabrielle, thank you for coming on the show today. You can follow Gabrielle on Twitter with the handle @GabsClark5 and you find out more about her program Affirming Reality at and on twitter @affirmreal