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“Granted, at this point there had been really no investigation as to the root cause of our infertility.  It was just that we were having trouble conceiving…I kind of expected a little bit more of an investigation into why…. [and at the second-opinion appointment] I was told at 28 years old that I would never have children on my own because I have endometriosis and that the only option for me at this point was to pursue IVF.” – Stacy

     There are numerous stories of the predatory IVF industry that pushes medical intervention before understanding the root causes of a person’s individual journey through infertility. Stacy deserved care and answers, not pressure to medicalize her fertility journey. She is also someone brave enough to call out these practices that prey on women in a time of distress. Stacy had twin daughters through IVF, and went on to have two additional daughters without IVF medical interventions. The fear placed in her by medical professionals without a proper investigation, and the direct link to IVF profit,  was and is unethical. You can watch her full story on our Venus Rising podcast

     We know the IVF industry is a money pit, with projected profits of 25 billion by 2026.  This is why it is so important to have voices like the CBC keeping these profiteers on their toes

     The CBC’s work is changing lives. Through the stories we tell and the research we publish, the world is learning to take a pause on progress for progress’s sake, and to think more deeply about what happens when we purchase body parts, rush to make permanent medical changes to our bodies, and even suspend the reality in front of our eyes!

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