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Today I have the privilege of sitting down with Stacy. Using IVF, Stacy and her husband brought healthy twin girls into the world 14 years ago. After following the work of the Center for Bioethics and Culture for some time, Stacy reached out to me with hopes of sharing her story with other listeners. Despite, their textbook IVF success story, Stacy and her husband are able to see in hindsight, just how much they were used, lied to, and profited off of during their struggle with infertility. The procedure, although successful, has had lasting negative effects on her family, both physically and emotionally. Stacy is here today to share her personal story in hopes of dissuading others from finding themselves caught up in what Stacy calls a predatory industry, preying upon the emotional and physically vulnerable. Stacy now lives in Washington with her husband and four daughters.