As the culture wars rage around us, it is easy to be consumed. Stories make the world go round, and the social media algorithms tend to keep us in a spiral of doom and gloom. Part of this is our own desire to know what is happening in the world, and tragedy is a part of the human experience. But there is also a concerted effort for people to deny natural and fundamental realities.

The CBC Network is a light on these fundamental truths, so anyone can see the reality and necessity of biomedical ethics. The simple axiom of “Do No Harm” helps us to hold the medical field accountable when they commodify the human body into simple pieces and parts to be purchased. To further the CBC’s mission, we also tell stories – true stories!

To hear these stories live, please join us for the Annual Paul Ramsey Award Dinner on June 15, 2024. We will celebrate Dr. Jeffrey Bishop, a widely recognized scholar in medical ethics and medical humanities. Our special guest speaker is the indomitable Riley Gaines, who has been a force in standing up for women’s safety, privacy, and equal opportunities.

With only 60 tickets left, DO NOT DELAY! Get your ticket on the CBC’s website. There are sponsorship opportunities that include complimentary tickets, signed books, and even a VIP cocktail gathering with Dr. Bishop and Riley Gaines. We hope to see you there!

None of this is possible without our supporters. Your gifts make our work possible. We need YOU! To connect and discuss our ongoing work, or the possibility of hosting a local event with the CBC in your area, please feel free to reach out any time.


Kirstin Wallace, Esq.

Development Director

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