May this letter be a breath of fresh air in this season since there will be no mention of the word “vote.”  The Center for Bioethics and Culture has always prided itself on being a cross-cultural organization since the concept of human dignity does not have a political party. The protection of children from unnecessary medical intervention and of women from predatory egg and body poachers, should be a universal desire for mankind.

And yet we exist, to shine a light on the institutions, organizations, and even political structures, that refuse to critically look at the dire consequences of such practices.

In our most recent film, The Detransition Diaries, three women were comprehensively failed by the medical establishment – a lack of informed consent, the denial of secondary and contrary opinions, and a lack of support when they desired to live in the bodies they were born into.  The film has reached over 30 nations with its blunt and human perspective on gender ideology. It has been translated into Polish, German and Spanish and is being sought by university libraries.  A book based on the film, written by our very own Jennifer Lahl and Kallie Fell, is in its final stages of preparation.  Drip by drip, we see the wave of public thought being brought a new perspective by the CBC.

Currently, The Detransition Diaries is still on our Vimeo platform for rent.  Our desire is to pull the movie from behind the paywall and push it out for free on YouTube, but we are looking for some very special donors to help us cover the production costs.  We are looking for 20 donors to fund individual $5,000 donations, which will allow us to immediately remove the Vimeo paywall.  If you are one of those donors, please contact our Development Director, Kirstin Wallace.  We appreciate your consideration of this important request.

The CBC’s important work does not stop at our movies.  Our podcast, Venus Rising, by our Executive Director, Kallie Fell, continues to create a forum for open dialogue on bioethical issues.  Venus Rising provides a voice to scholars, researchers, and activists, trying to expose the damages associated with third-party reproduction, gender ideology, and the education of youth on issues of sexuality and identity. It is also a platform for the stories and personal struggles of those who have been affected by the ethical considerations of medical technology. The latest episode, “Embryos on Ice: Jennie’s Story” discusses one woman’s journey through IVF and the ethical considerations she now faces as a result of that procedure.

The Paul Ramsey Institute (PRI), the educational initiative of the CBC, will soon be accepting applications to join our two-year cohort class.  Begun in 2012, the PRI focuses on important questions at the intersection of ethics, religion, medicine, science, and technology. Our aim is to “seed” the academy and the culture with thinkers who have developed their intellectual skills, perseverance, and personal humility to examine pressing questions and to carry their insights into their professional work, practice, and community leadership. We are working to add additional scholars and fellows to our program for greater exposure in the academic world.

The CBC is a tiny but mighty voice in our world.  The issue of bioethics is a worldwide concern, and from our small hub in California, the CBC has been making great strides to right a struggling ship.  We are completely funded by the support of our generous donors and recognize that any gift, large or small, can be used to do great things.  

Please keep our organization in mind as you do your end-of-year giving.  We are looking for donors willing to step up and give a $10 monthly donation to the CBC to keep our feet in the battlefield and pressing forward on these issues.   If you already give, please think about increasing your monthly donation by $10 a month.  As you can see in the above, there is so much we can affect by simply presenting the true stories out in our culture.  We here at the CBC have always done a lot with little and look forward to continuing this work for our shared human future!


Jennifer Lahl,

Kallie Fell,
Executive Director

Kirstin Wallace,
Development Director