Dear friends,

While many may think of March as the month for shamrocks, Guinness, and college basketball, at the CBC, there are two other March observances that correlate pretty perfectly with our work: March is both “International Women’s Month” and “National Ethics Awareness Month.” Many of the issues we champion, from the abolition of surrogacy to the cessation of egg harvesting, are ultimately issues of ethics that disproportionately affect women.

As first wave feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton put it, “The best protection a woman can have, is courage.”

We’ve put that courage to the test these past few weeks through a whirlwind of media appearances and an incredibly successful sold-out event called “Questioning the Science of the Gender Industry.” We hosted the event at our offices here in California and created space for what is otherwise often considered forbidden discourse about the new phenomenon known as gender identity. For those of you who were unable to attend, we filmed the event and posted it on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe, like, and share our work there, as it’s one of the most effective avenues available to us for spreading our important message.

Later this month, thousands of people from across the globe will gather in New York City for the U.N.’s annual Commission on the Status of Women. We will be there to host a dynamite panel of bold women for an event we’ve entitled “How Gender Equality Cheats Women & Girls.” We plan to tackle everything from surrogacy to men in women’s sports and the urgent need to preserve sex-based protections for females. We anticipate this being another sold-out event, so follow our YouTube channel for a video a bit closer to the end of the month.

Finally, we are just over a month away from our annual Paul Ramsey Award Dinner. This year’s event is on the calendar for April 9, and will honor biomedical ethicist Professor C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D for his outstanding contributions to the field of biomedical ethics. We also plan to hear from Rusty Reno, Ph.D., Editor of First Things Magazine and Nikolas Nikas, J.D., President of the Bioethics Defense Fund. If you would like to attend the event or sponsor a table, please be sure to reach out to us or visit our website at for additional information.

Our hearts (and calendars) are full of thanks, in large part, to your faithful support, which emboldens us to continue blazing trails and starting important conversations for the sake of all people, but especially women, in our shared human future. Thank you for standing with us in this work.

Jennifer Lahl and Kallie Fell