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Today we welcome Libby Emmons, Editor-in-chief for The Post Millennial to the show. Libby holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College.

Before Libby became a journalist, she was in the world of theater. In this episode we talk with Libby about her shift from playwright to editor and why good debate and conversation around hot topics is rare, often resulting in cancel culture. You can find Libby’s work published in many different outlets including Quillette, Spectator, New York Post, and The Federalist, just to name a few.

Come see Libby and more amazing women at our event in NYC on March 16th where we will discuss the challenges facing women today to provide true Equality and Empowerment for women and children. 

Follow Libby on twitter with the handle @libbyemmons. Read Libby’s review of Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender here.