In the midst of countless legislative efforts backed by heavily funded messaging campaigns that oppose our efforts, it can sometimes be difficult to quantify our impact or pause to celebrate our accomplishments. Then we receive emails like this one:

I am writing this email to THANK YOU SO MUCH for the work you do, and specifically for making your films available for free on YouTube. I am a 28-year old divorced, single-mother living below the poverty line, and I was about to make the decision to become a surrogate in order to help me pay for graduate school. I had already submitted preliminary applications to a number of surrogacy agencies, and received positive responses from them.

Then I decided to do some research and found your YouTube channel– and I watched “Breeders,” “Eggsploitation,” and some of your shorter films on YouTube where you have conversations with former surrogates. Needless to say, I have changed my decision and decided that I will NEVER become a surrogate. I am horrified at the level of suffering, exploitation, and health risk that surrogates go through. I am still getting aggressive marketing emails and phone calls from the surrogacy agencies, who now have my contact information, but I am ignoring them. Thank you for helping me to get the information I needed to dodge this bullet! Thank you so much, and PLEASE keep doing what you so! Also, PLEASE keep your documentary films free, because I know that given my financial situation, I would not have watched “Breeders” or “Eggsploitation” had I had to rent them.

Thank you and all the best!

An almost surrogate

It’s messages like this that fuel our passion year after year, inspiring us to continue advocating for the largely voiceless people who need our help. Thank you for joining us in this work. All that we’ve been able to accomplish this year (and since our founding in 2000) is because of individuals and foundations who have given generously and faithfully. Please remember The Center for Bioethics and Culture in your end-of-year giving.

Thank YOU and Happy New Year!

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Other: Contact us directly at 925-407-2660 or for gifts of stock, employee matching contributions, and including the CBC in your estate plans.