Dear friends,

We’re not sure how your summer went, but ours went by in the blink of an eye. Where did the time go? We typically take the summer off from sending you letters, hoping you are away on some exotic vacation or just enjoying a slower pace. And we take a break on sending our email newsletters, too, as people spend less time checking emails – Hear! Hear!

But that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy at the CBC during July and August. Can you say, “Trans Mission”?! Ournew film, which I hope you have all seen by now, took up a lot of our time. We were fortunate to get a lot of great activity around the film, glowing endorsements, good media attention, and media interviews, all helping to draw many people to our YouTube channel to watch the film for free. At the time of this writing, we’ve had about 75,000 people watch the film, and close to a million people watch the many short clips from the film we’ve posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok. Even though YouTube denied our paid ads to promote the film, we worked to find creative solutions to still reach the masses.

September holds several great opportunities for us to advance the film as well, to live audiences, as we take to the skies and head to the east coast for two screenings in N.Y. City and one in Princeton, N.J.

Speaking of films, over the summer we have moved all our films onto our YouTube channel. You can now watch our films, in many different languages, FREE there. This decision was made after Amazon cancelled one of our films for violating their community standards. Also, our films had been previously free to watch on Amazon Prime, now people must pay Amazon to watch those that remain. Pennies of the fee charged by Amazon go to the CBC, with Amazon keeping the bulk of the money. It just made sense to post our films for free viewing on YouTube. We are also building a channel on Rumble in case YouTube decides to shut us down for some nonsensical violation.

In September we also will welcome our brand-new Paul Ramsey Fellows for their first meeting marking the beginning of their two years with us. Ten young bright and talented men and women will read, write, and think together, wrestling with deep ethical issues with our Senior and Junior Scholars. This two-year fellowship will prepare them to be moral thinkers in the spirit of Paul Ramsey as they head off for their various professional careers.

Finally, we will celebrate the important work of C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D., who is the recipient of the 2022 Paul Ramsey Award. We hope those of you who are local will Save the Date, April 2, 2022 and plan to join us for a time to reflect on the work of the CBC as well as honor those who have made a valuable contribution, keeping the ethics in bioethics.

Thank you for your continued support of our work. Your donations keep our fight alive.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Lahl and Kallie Fell