We wanted to call your attention to this report that is available in several languages. We find the report deeply troubling and regret that it appears they did not consult with groups who work toward the abolition of surrogacy for a more comprehensive understanding of the true harms of the issue.

For example, the report states, “Rather than bans, there must be more nuanced policies that account for the input and perspectives of those affected.” It also states, “Restrictions are only pushing surrogacy further into the shadows, where unethical agencies can thrive without regulation and surrogates themselves are penalized. “If it was legal, people would feel safer.” The isolated quotes from actual surrogates frame the issue very strategically as an overall good so long as safety measures are instated. For example, “A contract would have given me safety that everything would be okay.”

It is clear their conclusion is to advance laws around the world that legalize surrogacy under a regulatory model. It’s an alarming trend that’s quickly gaining traction as some sort of liberation movement. Those who work to abolish surrogacy know that is the only way to prevent harms to women and children. We must continue speaking up and pushing back when we encounter this type of rationale.