Jennifer Lahl, CBC President—and Executive Producer, Director, and Writer of Eggsploitation—recently interviewed Linda about her egg donation experience.

Lahl: You told me you saw the ad on Craigslist’s posting by the fertility center, looking for Asian egg donors. What made you answer this ad?

Linda: I thought I fit the description very well: Great grades, college educated, great looks, and genetics. The list could go on for all the ego reasons I would want to do this.

Lahl: Were you in need of money?

Linda: Yes! I had spent $30k to renovate my parents’ old house because it was falling apart, and they did not have the money to fix it themselves, and it was not in living condition for anyone to live in, not even myself. It was in my grandfather’s deed to fix the estate if he were to pass away. He died three years ago, the year before I decided to be a donor.

Lahl: Were you wanting to help someone out?

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