The Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood Is Now Out!

Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood is live now on YouTube and Rumble. Through the stories of five detransitioned young men, who now accept their natural bodies, The Lost Boys explores themes that caused them to experience gender dysphoria, their feelings of inadequacy as men, and the journey that led them to believe they were “born in the wrong body”.

Praise for the new film is already rolling in. On Claire Fox’s shared this warm review from her Substack, “Wow, The Lost Boys is essential viewing and I want everyone to watch it now. It shines a light on why young boys may feel as though they are born in the wrong body – from mental-health issues such as OCD and extreme social anxiety through to the impact of the social fad for problematising masculinity, leading to shame about being male.”

Libby Emmons, writing at The Post Millenial, calls the film, “…a message to those who are pushing these ideas: the doctors, mental health professionals, teachers and activists who claim that taking drugs and undergoing surgeries to fix having been “born in the wrong body” is appropriate and “life saving.” 

The mission of the CBCNetwork is always to gather diverse voices and educate the public on these important issues. In Lost Boys, you will hear this message in the voices of men who have experienced first hand every stage from dysphoria, to medical affirmation, to detransition.