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You definitely don’t want to miss today’s guest, Stephanie Winn. Stephanie is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, writer, consultant, and host of the podcast You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist all with the goals of restoring integrity to the profession of psychotherapy, ending childhood sexual mutilation, and promoting justice & healing for those who have been harmed by “gender affirming care.” Today I get to chat with Stephanie about each of these goals, her work, and why she thinks gender affirming care is harmful.

You can find her podcast, blog, shop, and consulting services at www.sometherapist.com, and her counseling practice at www.realtalktherapypdx.com. Or you can go to https://bio.site/sometherapist to find a multitude of resources Stephanie has provided!

For more information on how therapists treat gender dysphoria, make sure to listen to Stephanie’s interview with Marcus Evans, author of Gender Dysphoria: A Therapeutic Model for Working with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter at both @sometherapist and @some_therapist, (since Twitter has a way of silencing heretics.) Follow her on Instagram as @sometherapist.