1. Pregnancy Outcomes for Surrogate Pregnancies are Significantly Different

A recent journal article highlights a number of crucial differences between surrogate pregnancies and non-surrogate pregnancies. 

2. Storage Issues at Fertility Clinics

Two fertility clinics suffered failures in their frozen storage tanks last week. Reports by NBC, the Washington Post, and People magazine.  

3. Romanticizing Double Suicide

A daughter has made a film documenting the death of her parents in a joint assisted suicide.

4. Going into Credit Card Debt, Panhandling to Pay for IVF

Two reports this week (here and here) press us to consider and reflect on the wisdom of the ends to which people will go in their pursuit of relieving the pain of infertility.

5. Euthanasia for Children Coming to the US?

We are seeing an increasing push toward allowing children to be euthanized.


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