I’m really excited to share with you today a great, newly updated resource put together by our summer legal intern Lois. As you probably know from following our work, when it comes to surrogacy, the United States is a patchwork of laws. Some might describe it as a real mess. We’ve been tracking all of those laws for at least a decade, and they do change from time to time.

Lois did a comprehensive review of the very latest information on the laws in each of 50 states. She’s put all of that information together in an easy to use, interactive design that we are hosting right here on our website.

In “compatible browsers” (e.g., Chrome — there’s always a catch with technology, of course) you can click on any state to zoom in to the information for that state. Or, on any browser, you can page through the 50 states in alphabetical order, which of course will give you a picture of just how different the laws are, depending on the state.

With all the work Lois has done we are now set to continue tracking and updating this information as needed. Thank you Lois!

I’m embedding the map below, and it is permanently hosted here and here, in case you want to bookmark it. The same information is also available in a PDF, presenting the states in alphabetical order in case you want to download and keep a copy (click here).

August 2018