For anyone that follows our work at the CBC, you know we refuse to slow down—there’s too much at stake!

That’s why CBC President Jennifer Lahl will be clocking 15,000 air miles over the next week. As we write, she is in Austin for meetings related to stopping the spread of surrogacy in Texas.

From there she’s off to Italy to address a crowd of over one million people (yes—you read that correctly!) who will be gathered in Rome for Family Day.

Jennifer will remind them that no one—straight, gay, single, or otherwise—has a right to use another person’s body to have a child, any where or any time. Be sure to check out our website and social media over the weekend to read Jennifer’s remarks from Family Day in Rome.

While in Italy, she’ll also be meeting with members of the Italian Senate. Surrogacy is illegal in Italy, but there is a growing movement to crackdown on couples who seek to pursue surrogacy outside of the country (such as here in the United States).

On the next stop of her marathon journey, she’ll be in Paris, France, for a major international gathering against surrogacy. This will also be a time where she is able to connect and strategize with many of the leading members of the Stop Surrogacy Now coalition.

Meanwhile, back here in the United States, we’re pleased to welcome our Paul Ramsey fellows and scholars to San Francisco. This weekend we are hosting the first meeting of our Paul Ramsey Institute of 2016.

Our Paul Ramsey Institute is quickly becoming recognized as one of the leading training programs for bioethics graduate students and early career bioethics professionals. Indeed, When Breath Becomes Air, a memoir on medicine and mortality by one of our Paul Ramsey Institute alumni, the late Dr. Paul Kalanithi, is currently #1 on the New York Times best sellers list.

And of course we continue with our regular work of speaking on university campuses around the country warning young women and men of the risks of selling their eggs, wombs, and sperm, and guarding against the growing threat of physician assisted suicide.

We’re not slowing down—but we need your help to keep our energy and spirits up. Thanks for all of your support of our work. We couldn’t do it without you.

Christopher White
Matthew Eppinette
The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network

PS: You. Did. It. Thank you, thank you!!! You pushed us through to meet our end of 2015 matching challenge goal of $100,000. 2016 is off to a great start thanks to all who gave and shared and helped.