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“Multi-billion dollar commercial baby industry needs to answer questions”

San Francisco–Nov. 6…The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network (CBCN) today called upon Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to look into the death of a paid Idaho surrogate mother who died in October, along with twins, just days before her due date, after reportedly serving as a gestational surrogate multiple times in a short period of time.

The CBCN, which opposes commercial surrogacy on the grounds that it exploits women and puts them physically at risk, has been working for weeks to learn the details of the three deaths without success.

“Three people are dead, and no one is talking,” said CBCN president Jennifer Lahl, a former pediatric nurse. “The Idaho Attorney General has the authority to find out at this point exactly what happened, and we ask that he immediately launch a public inquiry. Low-income Idaho women are being targeted to serve as paid surrogates, and they deserve to know the details of what can happen to them.”

The commercial surrogacy market, which is illegal in Canada and many European countries, is exploding in the U.S. in part because of legalized same-sex marriage. The Idaho woman who died on October 8th, was reportedly carrying twins for a Spanish couple. Paid surrogacy is illegal in Spain.

Low-income U.S. military wives are especially being targeted for surrogacy, including by healthy women of means who don’t want to go through the body changes that pregnancy involves.

Time Magazine has called pregnancy, “One of the Top 10 Chores to Outsource” in America.

“Women need Attorney General Wasden to step up here, because we are being preyed upon. The multi-billion dollar commercial baby industry has a lot of questions to answer.”