It’s not too late to give a gift of support before the clock strikes midnight.

In 2013, the CBC accomplished a lot of things (see below!). They wouldn’t have become reality without your help. Please remember us in your year-end giving.

  • Updated, expanded, and released a new version of Eggsploitation.
  • Began and have almost finished our newest documentary, Breeders: A Subclass of Women?
  • Traveled all over the U.S. doing multiple screenings of Eggsploitation and Anonymous Father’s Day on major university campuses.
  • Educated and briefed legislators in seven states, and laws that are pro-women and pro-children were passed.
  • Continued to sell our films all over the world—Eggsploitation has been translated into four other languages!
  • Made Anonymous Father’s Day available online via on demand pay-per-view.
  • Spoke to college students, legislators, seminarians, pastors, and lawyers at multiple conferences—often to standing-room-only crowds.
  • Developed free, downloadable curriculum to go with all of our films on assisted reproduction.

In 2014, our work will not slow down. The needs are greater with the release of our newest film, due out in January. Demand for our educational testimonies at the state level continues to grow. Media requests are coming faster and more frequently as we are seen as a go-to organization especially on issues like egg donation and surrogacy.