Egg donation just got a whole lot sexier (soft of). This news article from the UK’s Dail Mail is a couple of weeks old, but still worth a mention.

A new website, Premier Egg Donors, features Facebook style ads for potential couples looking to hire an egg donor for their potential child. Among the women you can hire for their eggs are “the Model” and “the Researcher.” The site not only provides vital statistics of these women, such as hair color, height, and education, but also provides model style headshots for perusal. While it’s illegal to reveal the identity of egg donors in the UK, this website has found a loophole as it’s marketing to couples in the US.

Apparently authorities have launched an investigation into the site. If only we were just as motivated to investigate the long term health consequences of egg donation as we are eager to protect the identities of these “donors” . . .

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Christopher White, Ramsey Institute Project Director