This is completely nuts! The new assisted suicide legalization bill in Scotland is so wild that it would create the new profession of “licensed suicide facilitator!” From the SP Bill 40:

Licensing of facilitators
(1) The Scottish Ministers may, by order, appoint —
(a) a person or a body, association or group of persons to be the licensing authority, or
(b) persons or bodies, associations or groups of persons to be licensing authorities, for facilitators.

And get this, one could legally become a licensed suicide facilitator at age 16. No need to finish secondary school!

To qualify for the professional services of a licensed suicide facilitator — I repeat, this is nuts! — one must be at least 16 and have a “terminal or life-shortening illness.” Diabetes can be life shortening. So can asymptomatic HIV infection. So can a spinal cord injury. So can depression leading to persistent suicide ideation.

Here are the duties of the licensed suicide facilitators:

19 General functions of licensed facilitators A licensed facilitator is to use best endeavours —
(a) to provide, before, during and after the act of suicide (or attempted suicide) by the person for whom the facilitator is acting, such practical assistance as the person reasonably requests,
(b) to provide the person with comfort and reassurance,
(c) to be with the person when any drug or other substance or means dispensed or otherwise supplied for the suicide of the person is taken or used by the person,
(d) as soon as practicable after the expiry of the period of 14 days referred to in section 17(2), to remove from the person any such drug or other substance or means still in the person’s possession.

What do you want to be when you grow up, Johnny? I want to get a license to help people kill themselves, Mommy!

Culture of death, Wesley? What culture of death?

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Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC
Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC